Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Choosing from eGMAT, MGMAT and Veritas Prep

I start off by admitting I made a rookie mistake. A mistake that has, alas, cost me several study hours. My mistake? I decided to be a smarty-pants!

I have already amassed a treasure chest of GMAT Material over the past few years and instead of picking something and running with it, I dawdled and instead started looking for GMAT Courses that I could join in a bid to keep me focused and fast-track my prep. After seriously considering a local test prep company in Chennai, 4GMAT, i decided against it and instead opted to go with e-GMAT, an online GMAT test prep firm.

The reviews and feedback on gmatclub were almost unanimous in the quality of the course. I was blown away by the feedback to be honest. I've never seen a course garner such positive reviews, and in hindsight I should have said to myself "...maybe too positive". Anyhoo, I signed up for their Verbal Online course without batting an eyelid. I don't know what happened next, whether it was just my personal bias, or whether i was in pissed-off kinda mood, but I didn't like the SC material at all. All i did was a diagnostic test and then ran through one SC lession, but I had this uneasy feeling right from the first question in the diagnostic that the language used in the questions isn't really GMAT standard. Needless to say, I felt that for all the questions in the diagnostic despite scoring a 9/10. The explanations seemed okay enough, but I wasn't at ease with the language and style of the questions, and promptly decided that this course was not going to cut it for me. I have since asked for a refund in the 7-day window, which they've been thoroughly professional in processing. I've got to say though, I do like the quality of the sessions they conduct over the weekends, but for some reason I was not too happy with the course content.

So, I've now decided to stop messing around with different course options on focus on a limited set of resources. I have started with the MGMAT guides and have completed Number Properties and Fractions and Decimals. I have completed the first chapter in SC, and am keen to wrap up SC asap as I'm struggling to stay awake while running through this :P

The plan is to finish with the MGMAT books by the end of this month, and then run through the Veritas Prep guides which have been gathering dust.

Sigh, a long way to go!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The First Step is Always the Hardest

Well, not exactly the first step i've taken in my GMAT journey, but it does feel like i am starting from scratch. Gone are the days where I knew the GMAT like the back of my hand and was even successfully running private tutoring for folks in Chennai and abroad. I have been so out of touch, that this whole acing the GMAT thing doesn't appear as easy and straightforward as I knew it to be. Sigh!

It has been a year since I rather wistfully turned down an admit to ISB, and while I still have mixed feelings about my decision, I am certain that the time is now right for me to embark on my MBA journey.

In the meanwhile, since the time I made this decision, I have left work get in the way of my preparation and have made insignificant progress. To sort of kick me in the butt, I have signed up for a course I haven't tried out previously, but seems to have pretty good reviews on GMATClub. Yep, eGMAT. Let's see how it goes.

I promise regular updates, if only to keep me honest and true. Thanks for your company, and I'd love to connect if you are a fellow MBA applicant, has-been, or a been-there-done-that ;)