Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Choosing from eGMAT, MGMAT and Veritas Prep

I start off by admitting I made a rookie mistake. A mistake that has, alas, cost me several study hours. My mistake? I decided to be a smarty-pants!

I have already amassed a treasure chest of GMAT Material over the past few years and instead of picking something and running with it, I dawdled and instead started looking for GMAT Courses that I could join in a bid to keep me focused and fast-track my prep. After seriously considering a local test prep company in Chennai, 4GMAT, i decided against it and instead opted to go with e-GMAT, an online GMAT test prep firm.

The reviews and feedback on gmatclub were almost unanimous in the quality of the course. I was blown away by the feedback to be honest. I've never seen a course garner such positive reviews, and in hindsight I should have said to myself "...maybe too positive". Anyhoo, I signed up for their Verbal Online course without batting an eyelid. I don't know what happened next, whether it was just my personal bias, or whether i was in pissed-off kinda mood, but I didn't like the SC material at all. All i did was a diagnostic test and then ran through one SC lession, but I had this uneasy feeling right from the first question in the diagnostic that the language used in the questions isn't really GMAT standard. Needless to say, I felt that for all the questions in the diagnostic despite scoring a 9/10. The explanations seemed okay enough, but I wasn't at ease with the language and style of the questions, and promptly decided that this course was not going to cut it for me. I have since asked for a refund in the 7-day window, which they've been thoroughly professional in processing. I've got to say though, I do like the quality of the sessions they conduct over the weekends, but for some reason I was not too happy with the course content.

So, I've now decided to stop messing around with different course options on focus on a limited set of resources. I have started with the MGMAT guides and have completed Number Properties and Fractions and Decimals. I have completed the first chapter in SC, and am keen to wrap up SC asap as I'm struggling to stay awake while running through this :P

The plan is to finish with the MGMAT books by the end of this month, and then run through the Veritas Prep guides which have been gathering dust.

Sigh, a long way to go!



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