Saturday, October 30, 2010

CABM - Is it worth the $500??

Certified Associate Business Manager (CABM) is a certification offered by APBM. For must products/ services to succeed, they must have a polarizing effect. e.g. Sarah Palin, Apple, etc. In that respect, CABM appears to be on the right track. I for one have always been of the opinion that CABM is a total waste of time and money, which was substantiated by my conversation with an adcom member of a renowned bschool. However, I would like to hear what people who have obtained the certification have to say. Was it worth the $500? Was it of any use? Would you recommend it to others?

For those planning to apply in R2 or R3, don't even think about taking up the certification now. You've got bigger fish to fry. If you are done with your apps, and have time and cash to burn, then there's no harm in giving it a shot, eh? :-)

Here are some references to CABM on the web:

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  1. I agree. I enrolled in CABM last year in December. I have dropped it in mid-way. I took it getting attracted towards the claim that its supported by Top Schools. Though I would say the material is good and it covers all areas but I found it theoretical. It didnt grab much of my attention. I would say it may help after you get accepted to B-school and I second you to not to invest time on it before that. Even after investing $500 on it, I have digressed to invest my time on other precious and established ways of improving my profile.

  2. Hey Mukaam. Thank you for filling in with your experience and advice. You have shed some much needed light on the course. I've scoured the web for reviews on the course, but haven't had much luck.

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  4. IMO, the CABM course is a pre-MBA orientation course and will be very beneficial to those who never studied business concepts. I have recently completed first of the 10 modules on Strategy, Leadership and General Management. I am doing it because I know CABM credential will definitely add value to my applications that I am targeting in 2011.

  5. mbaroadie, thanks for sharing your views. I'm not too sure schools give weightage to the CABM. I'm sure it's definitely better than going to bschool unprepared. However, I would rather spend that time reading the presribed texts or bibles of the various subjects e.g. Kotler, Robbins etc. Maybe even go through the relevant MIT Open Courses.
    Here's a list of good pre-mba books:

    Your thoughts? Do you know of any current student or alum who has and speaks of the CABM as being a factor in gaining admission? I hope we can expand this debate and also get in responses from any current students/ alum who believe that the CABM played a part in gaining admission.

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