Wednesday, October 13, 2010

GMATCH MBA Virtual Fair – Part 1

Doubtless, many of you will be wondering how this event will operate & how to make the most of it. Having attended the previous edition, here’s some info that you might find useful:

How will the MBA Virtual Fair work?
Sort of like a multi-chat room with a plain, but solid, user interface. Each school will have a separate chat room, and you can go to any chat room (booth), post your question, and wait for the school rep to respond. Once you are done with one, or if you are getting bored, you can shift to another schools’ chat room and start interacting with them…..
There will also be special events, but more on that later.

Can I chat with all the schools?
You sure can. But remember to use your time judiciously and spend the majority of your time interacting with schools that you are genuinely interested in.

Do I need to have my resume ready?
If you are looking to make an impression, you should update your profile a few days before the event is set to begin. Fill in your basic details, GMAT score (if you have one), some info about yourself (career background & aspirations),upload a photo of yourself and most important: upload your resume. Your profile can be viewed by schools, so make the impression count. By the way, the resume should be only 1 page long (if you are serious about applying)

Will the school’s adcom be at the event?
Yes. Make sure you INTERACT with them so that you can call upon your conversations with them at a later stage.

Will the schools be online 24*2?
Well, none of the schools will be online throughout the event. Most schools will be online only during their working hours e.g. don’t expect the folks from IE to be online @ 0500 GMT; however, you can expect the HKUST chat room to be abuzz at that time.

More to follow in Part 2…


  1. Hi Tray and thanks for sharing your insight based on the last GMATCH event. My name is Rebecca and I work for GMAC, GMATCH is my project.

    I'm really pleased to see your comments about how to get the most from GMATCH. In addition, schools also appreciate it when folks complete their profiles and come prepared after having done research about the school/program.

    Quick note about school availability. It should be that all booths are staffed for the full 4 hours per event day - we're strongly encouraging it. You can check out your local start and finish times on the plan your visit page:

    Any other questions, just email us on

    Many thanks,

  2. Hi Rebecca, thank you for clarifying the booth timings. I'm interested in knowing whether the booths will ONLY operate during the specified times, OR whether some will continue to be manned for extended periods. I'll send you folks an email and get that clarified.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Tray and happy to clarify. The show will be open only during the main times we publicise. Between Day 1 and Day 2, we'll have a 'show closed' message up and will contact all registrants to tell them when it's open again.

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